Why I’m Standing

I think I can win Wimbledon for Labour. I can use my local and national profile to build relationships with people who haven’t traditionally voted Labour.
I have a high profile in Wimbledon as a community champion and a reputation for getting things done. I am recognised for the part I played in:

  • Leading a parent team to create a memorial garden for a local child
  • Setting up the nationally-acclaimed Merton Parents for Better Food in School
  • Running the campaign which successfully saved Morden Park Playing Fields
  • Organising women’s football teams for older women and arranging tournaments
  • Helping set up Wimbledon Community Chorus
  • Establishing Merton Welcomes Refugees and creating a network of supporters in the borough.
  • Supporting disability campaigners at Merton CiL
  • Bringing the Street Orchestra of London to perform in Morden Park
  • Arranging a memorial event for Jo Cox on Wimbledon Common
  • Motivating members and supporters to campaign in the last snap election
  • Supporting a vibrant and engaging Saturday stall in our High street that recruited many new members to Labour
  • Increasing youth voter registration.

Through my refugee support work I have built excellent relationships with local faith groups.

I think that this local experience means that I am well placed to make a strong case for Labour. I am absolutely committed to using my experiences and strengths to make a better future for our community here in Wimbledon. I know how to bring people together. I’m a feminist, a socialist, a community activist and a trade unionist. I campaigned for Corbyn to be leader so we can have Labour government for the many, not the few. I want to play my part in making this happen.

If you agree with me, then please lend me your support!

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2. Email or text me your endorsement
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